Support Policy

As a Monthly Service Plan Customer we have a simple promise for you.

Our support will be the best you have ever had!

Simple as that.

All of the below is included in your Monthly Service Plan in addition to the high powered server and the best performing website in the country.

(1). Website Turn Key Plan $165 / month or (2). ecommerce Webstore Plan $275 / month

No hidden fees, no more to pay, no surprises, no dealing with a multiple companies. Just the one great value monthly fee for peace of mind.

We monitor and care for your website so you never have to do it.

  • Server Maintenance, software & hardware including upgrades
  • Server Security – protected by Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Server performance monitoring.
  • Server support 24x7x365 support by phone, text or email.
  • Website – Monitored website security firewall.
  • Website – Fully automated website backup system.
  • Website – All software upgrades including major versions
  • Website performance monitoring and maintenance.

* Bug fixes do not apply to any 3rd Party (not built by us) software you are using. We will debug the issue for you at no charge. From there if you require us to follow up with the software developer on your behalf and work with them to create a fix and then install the fix we will bill for that time at our standard rate of AUD$132 / hour. If you chose to follow that up yourself there would be no charge.

** Typically a site hack requires the site to be taken offline, quarantined on a computer, malware cleaned up, the vulnerability found and closed, then relaunched. If Google has blacklisted the site then the site files must be submitted to them for checking before the will remove the black ban. Our standard fee for doing this starts at $2,200AUD. Your Monthly Service Plan fee will mean there is no charge to you UNLESS we find that the hacker gained access to the site through an administrators account that was not protected by 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). If that is the case then the clean up fee will apply. Take home is use the supplied 2FA on your all administrator accounts and you’ll be covered.

*** Each new site build includes full administrator / content creator remote training via Zoom and phone, email or text backup support for 1 nominated site administrator. If a new administrator takes over and has had no ‘inhouse’ training or at a later date additional admins are created and require training those Zoom training session are charged at $132AUD per session. A session is never more than 1 hour.